A scheme run by local coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.  
Customers make a regular purchase and can also "Share The Warmth" by purchasing an additional hot drink.  
This is held by the shop, so that homeless or disadvantaged people can get access to a free hot coffee, tea or soup to warm them up.
Pay It Forward - Suspended Coffee Style.
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How does it work?

It is all really very simple!!
  • You walk in to a participating shop.
  • Place your order and ask to "Share the warmth".
  • Your donation is converted to marbles and placed in a jar.
  • A needy person sees there are marbles in the jar, indicating a free drink is available.
  • They order a drink, marbles are removed, the warmth has been shared.
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How to Get Involved

  • Shop Owners

    Add your shop to our directory.
    Print out posters and put them in your windows.
    Grab a jar and some marbles.

  • Volunteers

    Want to create your own Share The Warmth scheme or simply help out in your area, then get signed up.


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Thank You

To all the coffee shops & cafes, support groups and the residents of Worthing, who have helped us setup and drive this scheme forward.
In a very short space of time, the scheme has exploded
We hope that we can others to roll this scheme out, into a town near you!!